Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paper Halloween Lanterns

I just LOVE how these are turning out!

To make these paper lanterns, I used various SVG files, mostly from and modified them to cut on my Cricut with Sure Cuts a Lot. In this example, I used the free download of a gothic gate. I added rectangles to strengthen the corners and extended them to make posts.

I joined the pieces together then copied it and pasted 3 more for the other sides. Because I can only fit 3 sides on 12x12 inch paper, I joined 3 of them together and rotated the 4th to fit on the bottom of the page. I used a trapezoid on each of the 2 pieces to connect them together later.

Next I set up template to cut vellum to line the inside and cut them.

I scored the fold lines and used a bone folder to crease the paper. Then I glued each of the vellum panels to the back of each side. I used Super Tape on the tabs to connect the pieces together.
After I made it, I thought how nice it would beto have the candle raised up. So I made a little table to put the candle on!
Here is the layout for the cute little table.